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Life Insurance for what Matters Most

Complete coverage for what matters most



 Purchasing your home is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Mortgage insurance is designed to provide financial security for your largest debt at the most economical cost. Should the unthinkable occur, it's comforting to have the reassurance that your loved ones will be provided for. Mortgage insurance covers you, your partner, a guarantor and anyone party to the loan so that your mortgage will be paid, even in the worst-case scenario.


iprotect® Mortgage Life, Critical Illness and Disability



Unlike mortgage insurance from lenders, our coverage moves with your mortgage regardless of where you place it. This allows your insurance to stay in force and your premiums to remain constant even if you move your mortgage to another lender or another home.

Pre-Closing Coverage

Your coverage can be in effect as soon as your insurance application is accepted, thereby providing full protection in case of unexpected occurrences prior to the mortgage closing. Even without pre-closing coverage, you're still covered with free accidental death benefits until your mortgage closes.


Your premiums and coverage remain the same as when you originally placed it, you need only apply for the increased amount when the time comes.

Lump Sum Reduction

Making a lump sum payment on your mortgage? Have your mortgage insurance premiums recalculated and save.



 Multiple Life Coverage

Up to 4 individuals can be covered on the same policy.



In most cases after you answer a few simple questions, your coverage is approved, automatically.

 30 Day Look

Enjoy our protection for a month, if you are not completely satisfied you'll receive a full refund.


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What iprotect® covers

Covers up to 4 parties to your mortgage so that in the event of death, the outstanding balance of your insured mortgage can be paid off, along with any discharge fees and penalties. Mortgage Life coverage may not be the only life insurance you'll need but it suits your needs as a mortgage borrower.

Pays off your outstanding mortgage balance in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke, or life-threatening cancer providing you and your loved ones with a living benefit

Fulfills the monthly mortgage payment obligations should an injury or accident prevent you from performing the normal duties of your job.

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